Lawitas and Fer wedding

lawitas and fer wedding by david hinojosA very best couple get married!, Lawitas and Fernando are a very passionated couple, they are dog trainers and a very good friends of mine, have this very cool place call “Park Doggyland” on my home town… since the beginning they ask me about being the photography wedding and i say “absolutely yes” because at the first moment i knew that it will be very special wedding hehehehe, the good trio of amigos will be there! (Lucas, Shephy and Milo… the tree dogs of her). on the E-Session have more shots of the dogs, but here on the getting ready have one of them… we do a lot of crazy stuff on the wedding day, when we finish to do the photo shoot i tell them “what if we go to a starbucks for a coffee, did you think that they allow us to take photos in there?” and boom we go to take photos in a starbucks and we have to thanks all the staff there because they don’t charge the couple of coffees that we get there hehehe… I have to mention that once again my good friend and photographer Toño Diaz make me a second shooter as well as Miguel Franco on the party…

hope you like a few shoots of the hole wedding

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